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Number of the line on monitoring of business of eye of Anhui telecommunication w

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As " global eye " business is in public security, culture, fire control, atmosphere, install Wu of inspect, duty, traffic, travel, medium and small businesses, environmental protection, sanitation to supervise, medicines and chemical reagents is supervised etc tens of the success application of trade department, company of Chinese telegraphic Anhui " global eye " on circuit breaks through 10000 a few days ago, already grew stage by stage the 3rd large base after the speech that it is afterwards, broadband business.

Be in " restful city " in how preventing the project with the biggest market this, a movement in martial arts of monitoring of business of eye of Anhui telecommunication whole world exceeds 4000, held the market share of nearly 80 % . In the police station of Anhui, the policeman wants dub mouse to be able to never leave home only right main room makes patrol on the net inside area under administration, assure alarm affection of information seasonable and accurate deliver, rose alarm Wu work efficiency, those who realized people's air defense and ability to prevent photograph union is stereo change much more latitudinal safety to ensure. Memory of ground of monitoring of long-range real time, different, carry out catch pat, the characteristic of round-the-clock work makes the main technique instrument that global eye business makes urban public security be administered integratedly.

The whole world obtains tremendous progress in the project that eye business gives priority to this kind with pure video monitoring in restful city not only, installing inspect, environmental protection, medicines and chemical reagents to control the industry that waits for information of need general video and confluence of data information photograph, global eye business obtained a breakthrough likewise. Carry custom-built development, the monitoring image of global eye and deepness of software of management of user industry application agree, the user can see accurate data gathers information not only, and need not open software of global eye monitoring alone, can be in same a monitoring picture that the view below the interface sees data collects bit of correspondence, improved the straight impressions of administrator to suffer greatly, raised the efficiency that execute the law and accuracy.

Amount of client of medium and small businesses of the Anhui province is numerous, video monitoring market is huge. Custom-built hind have unified terminal, uniform price, clarity selling a site, sell the global eye that waits for a characteristic easily product of industry standard edition, more can better land enclothes great majority to have monitoring demand but economy supports power is limited in small client. Business of industry standard edition lowered the market threshold of monitoring business not only, attract an user to use this one business, still can develop the use habit of the user, business of the high end in be global eye is laid in and extend market space.

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