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Company of Chinese telegraphic Shanghai turns a business of eye of domestic whol
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No matter your body is in He Fang, "Consider the home, can see immediately " . Recently, company of Chinese telegraphic Shanghai rolled out business of eye of domestic whole world. Should install to photograph in the home only like the head, in any hour, anyplace, want to be able to log onto Internet only, the website platform that can unite through examines the case in the home. Have the citizens that old person child is in the home, can be at ease eventually.
Go to work to also can hospital nurse darling
The darling of mattress of cropland standing grain still is less than two years old now, learn to speak just about when. Because the job is too busy, mattress of cropland standing grain often cannot accompany her in the home, but the child always remembers with concern however in the heart. She always is previously a day 45 phones are hit come home, child of Mom asking dad is good today, sleep, have a meal constant. Sometimes the daughter also can talk with her, can listen to a phone to carry Yi to prattle then ah sound, lose sight of her lovely smiling face however, mattress of cropland standing grain always feels some are regretful.
Since a many after eye of domestic whole world was being held in the home before the month, the regret was made up for eventually. Everyday not quite busy midday when, mattress of cropland standing grain should log onto Internet only, can pass those who be put in the sitting room to photograph like the head, see the every act of clear daughter, the father and mother that visits the child also is met forward camera lens signal her darling today condition how. Can be in see the child busily, next working hours, it is good intention affection.
Besides can see the child at any time and place besides, another advantage after mattress of cropland standing grain felt to hold eye of domestic whole world is, also won't disturb the child to sleep again. The mother that has the child knows, the child is in 3 years old before, morpheus is particularly important, the phone bell in the home and doorbell make a noise likely wake they. Do not know the child is sleeping occasionally so, although again anxious also dare not call. Now, give every time before calling in the home, mattress of cropland standing grain can get online look, if the child is awake, so direct make the telephone call in the home; If the child is sleeping, meet too hit again, perhaps send a short message to parents.
For empty buy villa " special protect a courtyard "
Busied after a week, can loosen to the suburb loosen the mood, breath breathes fresh air, it is how cozy business. If can be in a suburb to have go vacationing villatic, that is the world more an amusement. Do not cross a luxurious villatic a week 5 days to lose unmanned over guard, do not be at ease a bit after all. Have in treasure mountain " a haven of peace " Mr He, to let oneself " go vacationing village " safer, applied for outfit of eye of whole world of a family to be in the courtyard designedly, let it be its " special protect a courtyard " .
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