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Fuzhou " clairvoyance " execute the law policeman of real time monitoring (graph
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Will come 4 days on September 2, public security of the Ministry of Public Security supervises informatization construction to demonstrate to communicate an activity to will be held in Fuzhou. City public security bureau " 3 base " the core brand of construction -- " alarm Wu activity controls a center " , it is the focus that person of the same trade of domestic throughout the country pays close attention to.

1 day afternoon, the reporter comes to city public security bureau alarm Wu activity controls a center, one side is 6.5 meters wide, high the 2.5 TV walls of rice are seductive all the more. This " wall " centered home what 18 the most advanced independent monitor mix to be able to segment 33 pictures is giant indication screen, have 12 software the supervisory system with advanced, complete function, can realize data instant statistic, comparative, video photograph collection, save automation, have error correction of real time monitoring, early-warning, performance evaluation, check supervise, dot line is linked together, the function such as activity echo. Alarm all jobs of Wu activity supervisory center, around this " wall " finish.

Supervisory policeman executes the law strictly

On December 20, 2007, city public security bureau alarm Wu activity supervises central building and investment tries move. Supervisory center is supervised by service window, trial, await ask the place is supervised, road transportation violates information to supervise, GPS patron wagon patrols supervise and criminal put on record is supervised wait for composition of 12 supervisory systems. In the meantime, carry computer couplet network, to the Fuzhou City 5 areas the service window of all police station mixes 8 counties be on duty the window, undertake video monitoring entirely, be on duty policeman and handle affairs all act be clear at a glance of masses, once window spot appears problem, superintend policeman not only can catch at any time pat kinescope or take a picture, still can pass speech system to understand a situation to window policeman, or correct an error.

This year on May 13, alarm Wu activity supervisory center supervises a system to check discovery through administrative case management, some county public security bureau expedites a place to deal with formulary time put on record was not pressed in light harm case together investigate, undertake corrective instantly, supervise and urge put on record of this police station is investigated, undertake main crime suspect be chased after on the net escape.

On July 4, alarm when Wu activity supervisory center supervises a system to steal a case to undertake checking to dealing with through violating guilty staff information, discover the city zone a mobile phone that one police station deals with some substation by pilfer case, agency policeman do sth without authorization will be changed 2300 yuan to be 500 yuan by the value of pilfer mobile phone, hind with put on record of public security case, bring about a case to be lowered his standard or status to handle, enjoin this substation undertakes be investigatinged afresh to this case quickly then.
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