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Domestic home deserves to ensure public security who will give money
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Recently, gang of a few thief takes the advantage of the high level inside the village in stealing Zhengzhou city afternoon to rent only door, tenement incur is great loss. Local police station raises for the management of the village in the city action: Every invite guard the entrance of a security personnel, deal to the person that rent a house, pass in and out is registered, thief did not have an opportunity to commit the crime.

Discover two facts not hard through this news: The fact of dominance is, a few thief can be in in much time of half an year same an area pilfer more than 100, explain local public security gave an issue; Recessive fact is, the police station maintenance to public security order or lacks confidence, or lacks power.

Face serious pilfer action, police hall and the ground proposal dweller of emperor invites security personnel, and " every invite a security personnel " , hard to avoid gives a person the impression of perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner. And netizen group case object, express " domestic home asks security personnel, want police station what to do " , what its convey is the people requirement to service government.

What people should ask more is, if " every invite a security personnel " it is reasonable, so, when frequency of homicide case of a place is sent, should police suggest every citizen invites a bodyguard? If such, be police or people will pay cost after all?

Security personnel is not do not eat terrestrial cooked food " door-god " , spend a few money to be able to be bought, want to stick to which stick. Nowadays, the salary of a security personnel gets on 1000 yuan the least, still must set security personnel house technically to let his guard, this is not average household to be able to bear.


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