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Xining 1000 taxis are free mount GPS monitoring calls the police system
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Recently, branch of public security of traffic of city of Qinghai province Xining is many 5000 taxi of whole town to install GPS monitoring freely to call the police system, strengthen management of cab public security, protective taxi draws the life property security that takes staff.

Xining city taxi moves 24 hours, and mobile place dispersive, range is wide, especially in the evening, the taxi is missing, be grabbed and incident of driver suffer injury happens from time to tome. Intelligence of taxi installation GPS changes monitoring to call the police after the system, effective keep within limits this kind of case happens, for public security mechanism investigation crack a criminal case provides seasonable and accurate information. As we have learned, after the taxi installs GPS supervisory system, the taxi driver presses valuation implement when, it is OK like the head that the system is photographed film the two photographs inside Zhang Che, the record can save 15 days. If the taxi driver is encountered rob, be stranded to wait for emergency, can press pushbutton of GPS supervisory system, the system is photographed film instantly like the head 4 pieces of pictures inside the car, in the meantime, the car carries terminal to be able to call the police to monitoring center immediately. The member that monitoring center mies wife in affirmatory car produces risk or other and special situation falls, but remote control carries out oil, cut off the power, make car cannot travel. Such, any criminality that produce on the taxi can leave image evidence. ';

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