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High-tech of industry of fontal state cable is built for transformer substation
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"Toot, toot " , 220 kilovolt benefit installs transformer substation lodge the harsh hooter tone since the noise. "The experiment is normal! " on August 28, the system of crawl of electron of pulse of transformer substation high pressure such as 220 kilovolt Hui An, Jing Shan is passed check and accept, so far, bureau of industry of cable of state of Fujian Province spring already had investment of system of crawl of electron of 14 transformer substation to move, transformer substation safety defends add a solid protective screen again.

As degree of power system automation rise ceaselessly, transformer substation executes nobody to be on duty for the most part or little person is on duty, change electric equipment safety becomes new period public security to guard a key to protect a boy or girl friend. In recent years, transformer substation changes electric equipment happens to be stolen to destroy frequently, happen even invade transformer substation to enter room rob a case. Fontal state bureau invests capital early or late installation is infra-red call the police to shooting guard against theft system, obtained certain result, but guard against theft calls the police the effect that the system just has to call the police, cannot serve as the significant step that prevents illegal member. On April 25, 2006, 220 kilovolt mountain peak changes the malign case that produces the gangster that astonishs complete province to invade transformer substation to rob, endanger badly change safety of person of electric moving staff and transformer substation safety move, for a short while, the in a state of anxiety of young girl popular feeling that transformer substation is on duty, not dare single person is on duty. After this, tu Zhai changes, celestial being center changes wait for transformer substation to produce larcenous element to climb theft of transformer substation enclosure to change in succession again the line of core of ground connection copper of electric moving equipment, to change electric safety moves bring major hidden trouble.

It is better to be be on guard illegal element invades transformer substation, protection changes electric equipment and moving personnel safety, fontal state bureau is with the person this, be on guard in transformer substation safety go up to adopt high-tech technique actively, the safety of will domestic and international maturity is on guard the technology is used at the safety of transformer substation to defend ceaselessly, it is transformer substation with high-tech technology " improve the health " . This bureau changed in pool of 220 kilovolt lake first 2006 use electronic crawl system pilot success, change in Tu Zhai again then installation. By 2007, own research and development transformer substation is long-range image supervisory system, "Since in the transformer substation after crawl of high-pressured pulse electron is being installed on enclosure illegal element also dare not come again! " the member that 220 kilovolt besmear stockaded village becomes safe tells the author. The transformer substation evermore with the poorest environment of public security of bureau of this spring state also had not produced theft and alien to invade transformer substation incident again.
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