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City of above of Jilin county class calls the police monitoring project begins t
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Recently, you Jilin saves Public Security Department and Jilin province net to connect a company to be held jointly " the city calls the police to arrange the ceremony that start with autograph of supervisory system project " hold successfully already. Members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, politics and law appoint hall long Li Shen learns Public Security Department of secretary, province, the leader such as vice-governor Wang Zuji attended an autograph to start a ceremony about.

According to bilateral agreement, the net connects a company to will be in future inside two years, the province that makes spread all over complete province for public security system, city, county 3 class call the police monitoring is special network system platform, implementation is of all kinds how to prevent call the police to pass unified network system interconnection, each other to connect with monitoring establishment, each other accuses. Will be based on this system at the same time, in all sorts of intelligence analytic system respect undertakes further research and development is mixed improve.

The net is connected call the police to save mechanism of various public security to build completely monitoring center, free bear establish 1000 monitoring point, after this system construction is finished, mechanism of public security of prefectural class above calls the police monitoring center will be received extensively call the police with video supervisory equipment, form cover key vital part place, main enterprise or business village of residence of thoroughfare of traffic of unit, key, dweller, personnel is concentrated and complex place, and the city of the key shift target such as key car calls the police with monitoring network.

Deng Rui of section chief of division of science and technology of province Public Security Department grants to say, this conformity shares implementation information, can cross an area to cross a branch to carry out monitoring, be just like say, the monitoring that sits in Changchun is indoor and OK former to the pine city carries out real time monitoring. And this platform will transmit information automatically to each public security that should convey to be in alarm branch, it is pair of complete province science and technology alarm the whole promotion of Wu platform, monitoring quality also will rise considerably.

It is with Changchun exemple, respective laid circuitry carries out almost different substation monitoring, can such conformity create the waste of resource? Deng Rui grants to say, original video monitoring calls the police of the system, can withhold, the net connects a company to be able to undertake to its the technology upgrades transform, unified receive, will decrease to the greastest extent repeat construction and waste. ';

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