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Build an opinion about strengthening agricultural base
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Of the party seventeen hold high greatly Chinese characteristic socialism is great banner, the grand target that builds comparatively well-off society in the round to continueing to push reforming and opening and socialistic modernization, implementation made comprehensive deploy. Promote scientific development, stimulative society is harmonious, capture to build new triumph of comparatively well-off society in the round, must strengthen agricultural base position, take way of modernization of Chinese characteristic agriculture, build in order to be versed in hurried farming, take officer effect mechanism with the city, form society of urban and rural economy to develop unifinication new structure.

Since the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee, the State Council complies with a times to ask, follow development pattern, with when all is entered strengthen " 3 farming " the job, made the strategic deploy with a series of great, far-reaching meanings. Hold to had solved " 3 farming " the Chongzhongzhi that the problem works as entire party is heavy, ceaseless aggrandizement is led to what agriculture and country work; Insist to plan as a whole urban and rural development, increase industry to feed back agriculture, city to support rural strength ceaselessly; Insist to grant to be taken less more put work, support of ceaseless and perfect agriculture protects a system; Hold to market orientaton reform, be liberated ceaselessly and develop rural productivity; Insist to improve the people's livelihood, solve a farmer to produce the real problem with the most pressing life ceaselessly. Through entire party the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, agriculture and rural evolution appear a god-given nice aspect. Commissariat is successive 4 years of increase production, agriculture produces comprehensive progress. Farmer income grows more quickly continuously, standard of living rises apparently. Rural infrastructure accelerates improvement, social career progress strides major step with the development that help deficient up. Rural reform obtains historic breakthrough, development vigor increases ceaselessly. Rural party group do group of relations to be improved apparently, rural society stabilizes harmony. Agriculture and rural situation are good, to reform progress stable overall situation made significant contribution. Carry out a proof, in the center of about " 3 farming " policy policy of the job is completely correct.

Current, industrialized, informatization, town is changed, commercialize, internationalization development develops, agriculture and country are experiencing profound change. Environment of agricultural natural resources and market tie increase, difficulty of safeguard produce equilibrium of supply and demand is increased, the requirement quickens change agriculture to develop way. Aggravate of produce trade competition, exit of stimulative advantage produce and difficulty of entrance of timely and measurable adjusting control are increased, the requirement accelerates promotion agriculture competition ability. Agriculture compares benefit to drop, maintain commissariat to stabilize development, farmer to be added continuously receive difficulty to increase, ask perfect agriculture supports protective system. Aggravate of outflow of rural factor of production, narrow difficulty of urban and rural difference is increased, the requirement is increased as a whole strength of urban and rural development. Transition of profundity of rural society structure, each interest mixes give attention to two or morethings do well social government difficulty is increased, ask farther perfect rural area administers a mechanism. Entire party must be known deeply " 3 farming " the new condition new job that working surface faces, hold new opportunity new challenge in the round, increase had done " 3 farming " working sense of urgency, the alarm bell of food safety should grow from beginning to end cry, consolidate the bowstring of agricultural base wants from beginning to end take up, had solved " 3 farming " the problem works as entire party Chongzhongzhi's heavy demand should hold to from beginning to end.
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