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Deposit reserve moves the near future to increase breath possibility on rate sma
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Oriental net on March 20 message: 15.5% ! This deposit reserve that comes more than 20 years leads historical perch, proclaimed administration implements the resolution from tight monetary policy stoutly. The day before yesterday evening, chinese people bank announces, will go up since March 25 move reserve of financial orgnaization deposit to lead 0.5 percent to 15.5% . This is the Central Bank adjusts this one rate the 2nd times this year. Many financial expert points out, central Bank this action indicated policy position, and next policy trend still needs to pay close attention to closely, do not eliminate to still constrictive policy comes on stage in succession first half of the year. Release from signal of tight monetary policy

The Central Bank is right adjustment reason described as: Fulfil ask from tight monetary policy, continue to strengthen management of bank system fluidity, guide monetary credit reasonable growth. Financial expert thinks, economy of current our country still is faced with relatively austere fluidity excess pressure, and consumer price index also will go up Feburary of 8.7% new tall, face this double heavy pressure, the Central Bank chooses in National People's Congress of 11 whole nations the conference concludes to announced to go up that day tone reserve is led, reflected a government to control liquidity superfluous, guide credit the determination of reasonable growth, also released continue to carry out the signal from tight monetary policy. Arrange of this with one action, the market is right before also be opposite whether should the Central Bank become loose to give out to make clear an answer from the different sound of tight monetary policy appropriately.

Nevertheless, although be opposite for the stock market, deposit reserve is led increasing is an interest empty news, but Shanghai is deep yesterday two city general goes up, shanghai points to go up 92 a little bit, ended successive a few trade of day miserable drop situation. Analytic personage thinks, because the market already digested partial profit empty factor ahead of schedule,this is, now " boots " be born, the stock market gains certain confidence and break up subsequently red. But because the market before this is to add to what the Central Bank is about to come on stage all the time,cease anticipate, because deposit is moved on this,reserve ratio makes add the possibility of breath to be reduced somewhat this month.

The Central Bank ever employed deposit reserve 11 times to lead this last year one " fierce medicine " , already also employed twice this year, what constrictive policy still may come on stage next? Add breath still inevitable reporter interviews many banking analyst yesterday, although they have different view to increasing breath time, but still can continue to use reserve of interest rate, deposit to the Central Bank the adjusting control tool such as rate reachs unanimous view. Shen Yinmo country is advanced and macroscopical analyst Li Huiyong thinks, look from the need of annual adjusting control, reserve leads future still can increase 2.5 percent. Economy of national information center forecasts ministry official to also express, of the Central Bank go up this amplitude modulation under a percent that anticipates before them, future if of the bank exceed store the level is higher still, criterion reserve leads existence to go up further air space, but frequency and extent should be met under last year.
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