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Chinese card inspect can approve 4 new fund 21 days
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These 4 fund come from Oriental, Fu Lanke respectively Lin Guohai, collect Fengjin to believe He Penghua fund to run a company. According to introducing, obtain approved Oriental and politic growing share fund newly to sign up for batch of foreheads to spend it is 10 billion yuan, side overweight growing sex and politic sex, invest the key " 915 " the industry that growing sex has in the program, good, risk controls invest in growing sex ability the good, share that has theme of own research and development.

The advance that collect abundant believes 2026 lifecycle fund to will begin to build a warehouse with stock fund, after passing period of time, translate into mixes model fund, 2026 translate into bond fund. According to introducing, this kind of design basically is the angle consideration from the risk, as the growth of investor age, invests breed risk is reduced gradually.

Obtain additionally two approved fund this to be Fulan respectively a bond that Ke Linguo sea deepens fund of He Penghua of value stock fund fund.

So far, from Feburary 1 stock fund is new " open floodgate " since, card inspect can approve 25 fund already newly, among them the majority is stock fund. The emission that passes earlier stage collect, this batch of fund had had a part to enter build storehouse period.

Collect dimensions this Zhou Zheng type enters fund of 4.6 billion yuan motivation of the advantage that establish a letter the phase that build a warehouse, become the first enters the stock of city new fund this year. South fills yuan of bonus fund to also be issued at this week end, collect capital dimensions exceeds 6 billion yuan.

Approve new fund before this 6 times to distribute a case continuously:

On March 14: Approve 3 new fund, it is two mix respectively model fund and a stock fund

On March 7: Approved 5 new fund, among them two are bond fund, 3 are a stock kind fund

On Feburary 29: Approve capital of collect of new fund of 3 new fund to will be close to 80 billion

On Feburary 22: Approve two stocks new fund to issue

Before Feburary 18 two Zhou Wu: Two innovation are sealed base obtain stocks of batch of two open mode fund and fractionation of a stock fund batch


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