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Financial times each are big the Central Bank acts together alleviate credit cri
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(achieve formerly with dispatch net)
This action will use public fund, auction the vicious circle inside forcibly at present through stopping, reduce prices and the way that change a balance sheet infirmly to come vigor of drive up market and restore market confidence. Each dialog between big Central Bank still is in initial phase at present, nevertheless this also shows a fact, widespread presence is healthy to global bank system be anxious.

(achieve formerly with dispatch net)
This action also shows nearly a few weeks to affect the United States' main guaranty orgnaization and Bei Ersi to ascend a company to be faced with as credit crisis fully go bankrupt predicament, produced a change to how settling the dispute of the crisis.

(achieve formerly with dispatch net)
England bank showed the greatest enthusiasm to each proposal that big Central Bank acts together, beautiful couplet store in principle thinks to intervene housing mortgages credit market in a sense is practicable, but they think this can make the final step that must not take soon only. Performance of European Central Bank is positive least of all.

(achieve formerly with dispatch net)
The way that buys guaranty to back bond needs a government to intervene, because taxpayer can assume credit risk,this is, still indicate desire of American government bell without evidence so far this method, want to execute arrange of this with one action, the support of 15 independent governments gets in euro area long-winded, this is an easy thing.

(achieve formerly with dispatch net)
The focus that argues between each country policymaker and Central Bank president depends on, new international regulation stipulates asset value undertakes in order to compare the level with low face value, this makes already the current situation one disaster after another with constrictive credit.


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