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Wen Jiabao points out, 5 years of current government tenure of office, it is the crucial period that builds comparatively well-off society in the round, the task is formidable and glorious. We face rare opportunity and requirement, also face a lot of difficulty and risk, want be vigilant in peace time, enhance hardship consciousness, seize opportunity closely, answer a challenge actively, sturdy confidence, advance despite difficulties. He asks the State Council comprises personnel, in the Central Committee of Communist Party of China that is a secretary-general with Hu Jintao the leader falls, faithful the obligation that fulfils constitution and law to gift, continue to liberate a thought, be brave in to reform innovation, assiduous and responsible, acute meaning enterprising, cautious and conscientious has been done new a government works, absolutely not the accredit of disappoint party and people and great trust, initiate the new phase that the government works hard.

Wen Jiabao points out, current government works total task is: Carry out the Communist Party of China in the round seventeen great mind, hold high Chinese characteristic society advocate great banner, with Deng Xiaoping theory is mixed " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, continue to liberate a thought, hold to reforming and opening, promote scientific development, stimulative society is harmonious, strengthen socialist economy construction, politics construction, culture construction, society construction, make national economy has living standard of a greater progress, people has bigger rise, social fairness justice has bigger advance, reforming and opening strides bigger step, capture to build the new triumph of comparatively well-off society in the round.

Wen Jiabao emphasizes, this year is to carry out the Communist Party of China the first year of seventeen great mind in the round, of a bureau that also is current government year. We want according to the Communist Party of China arrange of seventeen greater part and the National People's Congress of 11 whole nations that just end conference spirit, do good government solidly seriously each job, stimulative economy society good rapid development. Current, should emphasize had stressed 9 issues:

(One) clutch plan of structural reorganization of constituent executive the State Council. Cogent change function, straighten sectional duty division of labor and attributive further, highlight aggrandizement department liability, exert oneself solves duty across, authority duty to be out of line problem. By June before achieve calm function, calm orgnaization, calm authorized strength basically " 3 calm " the job.

(2) continue to do well rebuild after calamity. Clutch the rehabilitate of the infrastructure such as electric power, communication, water supply, highway and rebuild, the extensive that takes agriculture, forestry, stock raising seriously highly is resurgent produce, farmer of supportive disaster area begins production to save oneself. Ensure the basic life of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses in the round, ensure spring the grain oil that barren season disaster area is short of grain farmer is supplied, building of the overall collapse that finish will restore to rebuild before the bottom in June the task.
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