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The Ministry of finance is issued 2008 the 2nd period proof type national debt
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The Ministry of finance announces 9 days to decide to issue 2008 proof type (2 period) national debt, issue amount 40 billion yuan, among them 3 years period 32 billion yuan, par annual interest is led 5. 74 % ; 5 years period 8 billion yuan, par annual interest is led 6. 34 % .

According to announcement of Ministry of finance, this period hair date of departure is national debt to came on April 15, 2008 on April 30, 2008. Each bear sell an orgnaization to be spent in formulary forehead inside put on sale this period national debt. This period national debt begins plan interest from bought day, expire to repay captital with interest, not plan compound interest, cash of exceed the time limit is not added plan accrual. This period national debt faces a society to be issued publicly, investor can go to bank of agriculture of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, Bank of China, China to build bank and commercial bank of partial share-holding system, city commercial bank, country commercial bank to wait for national debt of 39 prooves type bear the business site of the member that sell a group is bought.

This period national debt is nominative national debt, make in order to fill " proof of gathering of proof type national debt " means is issued by par value, can report the loss of sth, can impawn borrows money, but cannot more renown, cannot current make over. The individual buys proof type national debt to execute real name to make, specific measure the State Council prepping according to announces " real name of individual deposit account makes a provision " deal with.

Since bought day, 3 years period with 5 years period half an year of dissatisfaction of time of hold of proof type national debt not plan Fu Li ceases; 1 of dissatisfaction of full half an year year by 0. 72 % plan breath; Full 1 year dissatisfaction is pressed 2 years 3. 33 % plan breath; Resent 2 years 3 years to press completely 4. 32 % plan breath; 5 years period time of hold of proof type national debt resents 3 years 4 years to press completely 5. 76 % plan breath, resent 4 years 5 years to press completely 6. 3 % plan breath.

Announcement announces day to come issue end day, if encounter interest rate of bank deposit saving to adjust, have not issue this period national debt is par interest rate, day is adjusted to press 3 years in interest rate period, 5 years period the identical percent that interest rate of bank deposit saving adjusts is made with to adjust, ahead of schedule add takes the interest rate that divide shelf to inform separately.

Buying this period if national debt hind needs to change now, investor can arrive to buy a site to shift to an earlier date formerly at any time add caries shifts to an earlier date when add is taken, take the poundage of 1 ‰ collection of capital by add, reach corresponding cent shelf by actual hold time interest rate plan pays interest.


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