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Prices follow-up goes situation " depend on autumn grain " enlightenment
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Hair change appoint the hair that the price manages director Cao Changqing was held a few days ago changes appoint on the press conference, among the situation that the price that forecasts second half of the year will stabilize relatively in a kind slow rise, final result how, the key should see second half of the year the harvest of autumn grain -- , " overall level has the price slow the process that rise, final extent depends on autumn grain. Final extent depends on autumn grain..
The position with carry autumn grain so significant, academic basis is: Because rise in price this year,a the most striking feature basically is to feed category to rise in price, rise first half of the year 3. 2 % , among them the influence that food rises in price is 2. 5 percent, contributive rate achieves 78 % . Although be formed about the statistic of CPI data,put all the time open to question, but food rises in price still is the main reason that prices rises apparently. That is to say, of produce price long-term and fatigued and weak, bring about a farmer to lose manufacturing enthusiasm, thereby the raise on price of unbalance of supply and demand, because of,be the main cause that epicycle prices rises one after another.
Be opposite in fact the farmer, in the right lack ensures a circumstance to fall, the city of exterior formally is changed, it is passive not only, more mournful. Because,they are not " those who like winter of urban work shed is cool the warmth with summer " , just go in the city; Contrary, because,that is only, the farmer is far from land to just have the hope that become rich only.
A few earlier moment, a when more than 100 teachers and students had begun Nanjing university new rural area investigates discovery, 41. The farmer of 6 % already no longer cultivate land, "Connect Shanxi Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County -- , in those days the model that countrywide country builds, cultivate land of very rare also now person. " peasant farm cultivate land does not earn money, had been a fact that does not dispute. The farmer says to Yuan Longping: I should thank you, because you helped me raise yield; But I also should blame you, because commissariat is produced how to also to make money again!
We should like to ask, below the reality of such Bei relative, is the manufacturing enthusiasm of the farmer tall? "The farmer is far from land ability to become rich " rear, those who suffer lose is him farmer not only, also include our holder -- , the food that also has to eat a farmer to plant because of who! Alleged Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , long-term price is fatigued and weak bring about final price to upsurge necessarily. On this meaning, pork rises in price, edible oil rises in price, convenient cover rises in price... also be a time problem only.
Prices follow-up goes situation and its say " depend on autumn grain " , be inferior to saying " depend on farmer " . If plant,grain can make the farmer is earned with its labor gives the profit that matchs, the farmer is willing to plant grain, grain crop one good, the pressure that prices continues to rise is met abate, life cost of the public is reduced with respect to hopeful; Contrary, let agriculture continue to become " agriculture of sweat and toil " , let a farmer continue to be far from land helplessly, "Go up noise rises " inevitable.
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