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In petrifaction, medium oil two big tycoons
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Chinese Ministry of finance announces, to Chinese oil (601857) natural gas (00857-HK) and China are petro-chemical (the partial finished product that 00386-HK) imports is oily, execute taxation privilege.
According to announcement of Ministry of finance, will arrive on April 1 from 8 years on June 30, 1.5 million tons of 500 thousand tons of gas that group of the petrifaction in be being mixed to 1 million tons of 500 thousand tons of gas that group of Chinese oil natural gas imports, derv imports, derv make importing link value added tax be returned after a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale first. China implements the appreciation tax rate of 17% to benzine and derv at present.
Close month of price of international market crude rises considerably, and case of oil price of outback finished product fails the attune on synchronism, cause damage of profit of oil refining company, conduce of Chinese government this action reduces international oil price to rise the concussion of pair of oil refining enterprises.

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