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Develop the market of sincere letter surely the road of classics
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Education market of sincere letter need the road of classics is highlighted in food safety problem, bring the instantly that a lot of and adverse society affects from this, the State Council with " special provision " form, decisive roll out food recall system, it is a very laudable action undoubtedly. Its weigh value of ask a price and meaning, legal system of the State Council of no less than does chief to point out: "The determination that shows our country strengthens the product safety such as food to supervise health of human body of management, safeguard and life security and manner, for product safety supervisory management is offerred have specific aim, maneuverability and stronger system safeguard more. For product safety supervisory management is offerred have specific aim, maneuverability and stronger system safeguard more..
Actually, look in the author, food recall system, besides the most intuitionistic " strengthen food safety to manage " , " health of safeguard human body and life safety " besides action, the basiccest value still depends on probably, it is a system that establishs a letter for society and market order, change character, food recall, of recall is the safety of food not only, also dare to food safety problem in call enterprise the straight face, sincere letter spirit that is brave in to be in charge of.
Well-known, market economy is a kind of sincere letter economy that is based on market participator to trust each other substantially -- , consumer undertakes with its individual credence the market is consumed, and the enterprise wins the market and public by right of its credence. Once credit chain ruptures, trade the faith that both sides loses at least, bring necessarily suspicious, con be current, bring about trade cost abnormal is tall, the market that makes equality just thereby trades lose due order base.
And the value of product recall system depends on, with the tigidity of its system, the company sincere letter to consumer, also taste the responsibility of quality to producing namely, expand arrive from design, production consume whole process, perforative in all link that are retained in quality risk at the likelihood.
Perhaps, from the point of the interest before, a kind of such systems have to the enterprise some too " slashing " , make its bear the huge economy pressure of recall blemish product not only, and can affect company reputation temporarily; And look from long-term point of view, such one kind is brave in to be in charge of to product quality whole journey, " do not fear too change " company action, not only nondestructive at the enterprise sincere letter, and just is a kind the biggest of sincere letter reflect, the ancients of China of this positive-appearing image says in that way: "Of gentleman over- , be like life feed Yan: Over- also, the person all sees; More also, the person all admires. The person all admires..
The experience of a lot of market economy developed countries that implement recall system for a long time makes clear, often be the big company big company with those social outstanding reputation, more be happy to undertake recall active and actively to blemish product. The happening of recall incident, did not damage its reputation truly not only, instead is safeguarded and promoted the sincere letter with long-term enterprise to spend. Contrary, those are not willing active recall, always try to try to product quality the enterprise of cloak, just lose its market beauty more easily thoroughly praise degree, be abandoned forever by the market and consumer place. So, tell from this angle, the proprietor of an enterprise uses the process of recall blemish product, be by no means one each demotes actually the process of figure, and greatly, it is a defend is mixed
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