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" the report that the Ministry of Public Security serves a company about establi
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The Ministry of Public Security about print and distribute " the report that serves a company about establishing security personnel " announcement
(88 fair hair 14, this already the State Council is approved)

Promulgate date: 19880702 carries out date: 19880702 issues an unit: The Ministry of Public Security

Public Security Department of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, bureau:
The Ministry of Public Security serves the company report to the State Council about establishing security personnel, already approval of the State Council, show print and distribute to give you, ask comply with to carry out.

Add: " the report that serves a company about establishing security personnel "

The State Council:
In last few years, as invigorate the domestic economy economy, execute those who open guiding principle to carry out the development that reforms with economic system to undertake external, goods economy grows quickly, individual and industrial and commercial door a large number of addition, china and foreign countries is joint-stock with the foreign trader solely invested company grows faster, commercial exhibition, be on sale activity and external association of culture, sports is increasingly frequent, mechanism of public security of each field requirement offers the society safe service and safe technology seek advice with each passing day grow in quantity. The need that works to get used to safety of the society below new condition to be on guard, in January 1985, the document of conference of job of countrywide politics and law that approves in the center of classics (in do hair [1985] 13 files) in put forward: "Draw lessons from foreign experience, in big in the city establishs security personnel serves a company, bear but large commercial exhibition, be on sale and recreational and sports activities, and foreign trader the security personnel business of solely invested, joint ventures, build such service companies that in door of the Ministry of Public Security direct leader leaves one, can satisfy social need already, be helpful for public security management, be helpful for alleviation again alarm the difficulty with insufficient power " . According to this spirit, each district course is pilot established early or late security personnel serves a company. Up to by 1987, the whole nation already had 23 provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government to establish security personnel to serve company × Home × , from Yu Ren of × of × of × of × of × of personnel of security personnel of course of study, already had service client 8592. Carry out a proof, this one practice is feasible, reflected the demand that job of management of security of society reforms below new condition. It was satisfied not only individual and a few enterprises, industrial and commercial door with commerciality pressing requirement offers large activity the need of safe service, and in safeguard social order, precaution and blow to violated guilty activity respect to also produce positive effect. We think, through 3 years of much experiments, in big in city and coastal and open area establish security personnel serves business, already fumbled the way that gives to had been compared, also be accepted by place of social all circles. Serve business to assure to ensure public security steadily, healthily development, make have Zhang Ke follow, the concerned problem that establishs security personnel to serve a company now reports as follows) .
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