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" haven establishment security personnel is regular " apply since March
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A few days ago, the the Ministry of Communication is promulgated " security personnel of establishment of haven of People's Republic of China is regular " (abbreviation " regular " ) , the passenger ship that the standard is voyage international course, 500 total the security personnel of the haven establishment that platform of maritime artesian well serves boat of utility of ton of cargoboat that reachs above, special type and movable type works. " regular " apply since March 1, 2008.
The the Ministry of Communication expresses about chief, " regular " be came on stage in December 2002 according to international Maritime Organization " international is maritime 1974 convention of human life safety " amendment of maritime security personnel and " international shipping and regulation of haven establishment security personnel " those who make, the security personnel that the purpose is the haven establishment that provides a service for international sailing ship through strengthening manages, make its implement measure of each security personnel, enhance haven and shipping to resist the ability that comes from exterior and horrible assault, ensure oneself and to harbor marine safety.
" regular " the system of haven establishment security personnel of establish is to carry kind of activity of a kind of risk management, undertake to the horrible menace of all sorts of degree the risk is evaluated, be in charge of mechanism, haven to establishment manages a person or manage a person to use according to evaluating result and risk standard decision next why to plant proper security personnel measure, haven and risk of marine security personnel are reduced inside utmost.
In March 2007, the the Ministry of Communication already was promulgated " security personnel of shipping of international of People's Republic of China is regular " , to coequal and as important as haven establishment security personnel shipping security personnel job made specific provision.

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