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Drunk wine man forgets 900 thousand property
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Stay on the car have 250 thousand yuan of cash and a piece of many yuan 60 check, total covalence is worth nearly 900 thousand yuan. But car host is drunk as drunk as a sowly however, door did not shut to go toward guest room directly. A few days ago, carry on promotes prefectural bridge stalking or branch richly China parking lot of big public house produced so dramatic one screen. Be Ied hope, personnel of hotel security personnel has attended this property responsibly, ability a single cent or penny protected these 900 thousand yuan property less.
On April 28 1 when the left and right sides, a lot of people already entered dreamland. At this moment, a sedan sails slowly however into Ke Qiao richly China the parking lot of big public house. The car stops firm hind, a man steps door of dispatch a vehicle, shake sway place the ground to go to hotel gate. Leave in this man after the car, attentive hotel security personnel discovers because this guest is Bacchic do not have cutoff window unexpectedly, also did not lock up even door.
The hotel is public, discrepancy personnel is much. The guest does not have cutoff window to also did not lock up door, is this to give the thief that there is wicked heart to offer an opportunity? Then, two are on duty security personnel sets by the hotel, go examining before inside the car property, in order to make sure guest property is not missing. Enter look inside the car, they can't help sighing with emotion drunk wine guest is too careless.
Two people check discovery, there is ready money inside the car 250 thousand yuan are mixed a piece of denomination many yuan 60 check, two add up total prices is worth nearly 900 thousand yuan. Then, they undertook reporting to the leader immediately. After leader of department of hotel security personnel understands a situation, considering involve property amount tremendous, signed up for immediately alarm, arrange person specially assigned for a task to defend severe beside the car add custodial.
Policeman of police station of bridge stalking or branch is received after calling the police, hurried to the spot very quickly to have property exactly the number keeping, informed in time Bacchic medium guest. The guest comes out mistily from inside guest room, the ability after understanding a situation abruptly wine wakes, recall the property that there still is nearly 900 thousand inside the car. See 250 thousand yuan of cash and many yuan 60 check a single cent or penny are not little, the guest thanks even track. ';

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