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Security personnel of aegis of phoenix ridge gold accredits an unit to achieve g
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Security personnel of aegis of gold of phoenix ridge county serves limited company to hold water one year to come, below the guidance of prefectural public security bureau, firm pays system construction and army government, also explore advancement actively ceaselessly in management field. Current, team dimensions still expands in ceaseless development, was on the orbit of normalization stage by stage.
Security personnel of aegis of gold of phoenix ridge county serves limited company at 2 0 0 7 year 2 8 day will hold water formally in August, it is by the regulation in veteran and outstanding society youth preferred action hired 5 6 renown employee, classics politics careful grooms after qualification, accredit unit of Home 1 4 and 2 places mount guard respectively. Limited company of service of golden aegis security personnel is in job of a year, the entrance guard staff that takes a variety of measure to be enrolled oneself to a few units and place had a standard, right socially a few industries hire oneself " black security personnel " undertook banning lawfully. In the meantime, with town district each stress unit and place attach most importance to a dot to develop a target, the person belongings safety that reachs masses in order to safeguard the order of internal public security of stress unit and place and protective worker is breach, progressively and outspread to entire county each trade department, in assistance public security mechanism safeguarded respect of order of security of society to produce positive effect. Come one year, the unit of Home 1 4 that accredits security personnel and 2 places did not produce any cases and accident, achieved the goal of 0 hair case, and photograph comparing also assumes unit and the number of record of hair of of all kinds case with circumjacent place and the corresponding period of in former years substantially downtrend, got clear result. According to a few teachers of phoenix middle school and student parent report, after this school accredits security personnel oneself, the order of with campus periphery security of society inside school improves apparently. Before accrediting security personnel, after next evening study by oneself in scheduled time, the student dare not give a school gate, often by a few socially illegal adolescent undertakes beating up, extortionate, student parent must accept a student to school gate mouth, cause school doorway heavy traffic, order disorder. After accrediting security personnel, the lane before the school gate is being passed by student of security personnel convoy after studying by oneself in scheduled time below in the evening arrives all the time ave, eliminated traffic hidden trouble and public security hidden danger, the safe feeling of school teachers and students rises apparently. ';

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