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Iraqi abdicate Buddhist nun sends cacique to die by suicidal assault 6 security
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Iraqi government official says, a charger that wears woman dress launchs suicidal assault 17 days in capital Bagdad, the leader that causes an abdicate Buddhist nun to send an organization and 6 security personnel die.
If associated press cite does not wish to announce the Yi army of the full name and police officer, say, the abdicate Buddhist nun that Bagdad A slaughters meter of Ye area is sent " arousal committee " the Abu Haini that Faluke Aobeidi slaughters Mi Ye in A expends leader. Charger wears woman dress, it is male likely play the part of female outfit.
A slaughters Mi Ye to be located in Bagdad north, ceng Shiwu installs personnel foothold. The U.S. Army is all round this one area after building concrete wall, violent conflict incident decreases somewhat. Place " arousal committee " Buddhist nun waiting for abdicate sends an organization to suffer the United States to just be aided financially, hit together with the U.S. Army " base " the organization is in Yi activity.
Iraq counts day to produce bomb often to assault incident recently. Because the female often is avoided at by search the person, a few armed organizations rely on a woman to launch suicidal assault increasingly. A woman is 14 days near Bagdad crowd of interfuse go on a pilgrimage detonates bomb vest, deadly at least 18 person.

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