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Examination of Hua Dong bureau coachs audit of security personnel of advance riv
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What to promote aviation of airport of river of fontal city advance security personnel audit works is successful begin, promote the aviation of advance river airport security personnel standard further, in August 14-15 day, management board public security bureau leads Fujian to superintend do air defence to be in a supervisor to Jin Jiang the job greeting careful of audit of airport aviation security personnel undertook superintend and director guide. Superintend and director guides inspection team group checked Jin Jiang the airport road junction, construction case that surrounds path of field of bound, make one's rounds to wait for facilities of security personnel facilities and condition of technological process of safe examination site, spot comment and appraise the issue that the airport is surrounding the respect such as management of way of field of bound, make one's rounds to exist, put forward to rectify and reform opinion ';

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