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3 students are handed in 200 thousand be about to ensure public security in high
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When graduation allocation, one is done " aviation ensures public security " acceptance, let 3 students be handed in each 80 thousand multivariate money. After that these 3 students are in the home cool one's heels two years. Last month, so called can handle affairs " the airport deputy always " because be suspected of bilk,be seized by police. 3 students parent hurries to Changchun from Shenyang, to money of school all alone.
The parent: Every are handed in 80 thousand multivariate
16 days, the student parent that comes from Shenyang city makes a telephone call to our newspaper, say they are located in the blue aegis school that flourishing hill presses down the Changchun City to denounce a view. They say, 2004, skill of profession of blue aegis of distant source city grooms base heads for Shenyang recruit students. Say on recruit students general rules " recruit aviation to ensure public security " , make clear among them " after student graduates, if cannot assign the job, reimburse all tuition... " .
The parent says, 2006 when student allocation, this officer president guides a student to head for Beijing interview, say an airline recruits aviation security personnel. The person of responsible at that time interview professes to surname the Qin Dynasty, be " the airport deputy always " . After classics interview, 3 Shenyang student is handed in 70 thousand yuan to find a place for each by the requirement cost. Say again later insufficient, handed in again each 10 thousand multivariate.
Alert: Cool one's heels does not have obtain employment two years
The parent says, subsequently the student is waiting all the time, waited two years, have the parent to " the airport deputy always " ask for its identification and the contract with the school, but all did not get. Skill of profession of blue aegis of distant source city grooms later base comes from distant source change the Changchun City, below the parent's requirement, the school told the parent connection kind of Qin Mou. After the parent is contacted, feel Qin Mou has a problem, enquire to airline, as a result the proof did not enrol the thing that aviation ensures public security at all.
Blue aegis school also signed up for case, school just contact the parent in this summer, say Qin Mou is in Nanchang. School just head for Nanchang together with the parent, local police seizes Qin Mou. School square staff member says, qin Mou is suspected of bilk.
All alone money: Parent hope school gives pay
"If not be the school,look for comer, we won't believe, the school should have due responsibility. " student parent says, it is at the beginning of this month, below the harmony of police, school just give every parent 1000 yuan. 3 parents say, they come this Changchun, because school honest commitment will undertake negotiation on August 15,be, 16 days give out answer. But ask to the refund of parents, did not talk things over solve.
The president: Profess school also just be a victim
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