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Quarantine of food of place of rigor of security personnel of match of Hong Kong
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Tonight, competition ground of horsemanship of sanded cropland Olympic Games still full, a world name foal gallop in wind. Below 3 wind ball, after the contest of Olympic Games horsemanship that runs much day in Hong Kong has last late competition, will fall next heavy curtain. Without can deny, below abstruse horse upsurge, hong Kong already was become " Ma Yunzhi " .
Through games of 12 days of wonderful Olympic Games horsemanship, competition ground of sanded tonight cropland stages the contest of the last day. The final decisive battle that this one millions of people expects, will decide individual field at the late night who belongs to the gold of steeplechase. This one " giant " battle, assemble the world is current the toppest caballero.
Hong Kong citizen is unprecedented to the devoted degree of match of horsemanship of current Olympic Games, in the match of Olympic Games horsemanship in the past, never had seen so much audience enters the arena. According to congress statistic, since horsemanship project will spread out the Olympic Games on August 9, every match attracts about 10 thousand audiences to enter the arena watch, and citizen very abide by competition ground regulation, accomplished watch game with polite ground in order. "The horse race of Hong Kong is original very famous, the horsemanship of Hong Kong also promotes greatly in the fame on the world nowadays, this assist do project of Olympic Games horsemanship to already made Hong Kong is become ' Ma Yunzhi ' , believe to will more and more sweet Hongkong's people generate interest to horsemanship motion. " Han Qiren of the leader of a sports team of delegation of horsemanship of Hong Kong Olympic Games says to the reporter.
This Hong Kong caballero appears on competition ground of Olympic Games horsemanship first, although bristly letter, Zheng Wenjie is mixed grove heart 3 players all did not promote finals, but their participation already lifted horsemanship upsurge in Hong Kong, open new one page for development of motion of Hong Kong horsemanship.
According to the number that Hong Kong horsemanship always can provide, from Hong Kong assist since the information that handles project of Olympic Games horsemanship was announced 2005, equestrian number studies in harbor already by in those days 1000 people are added to present 1500 people. Hong Kong already added two equitation schools, but learn the forehead still nervous, 3 public equitation schools are current annulus await list to make an appointment with 2500 people.
Share Beijing Ao Rongguang, gallop, bouncing, emerge in large numbers wore Hong Kong recently " Ma Yunzhi " move feeling. Move of feeling metrical below, what achieve goes out is the song of restful Olympic Games.
Li Shaoguang of director of bureau of Hong Kong security personnel emphasizes for many times before contest, hong Kong is very safe city, but can raise vigilance further during horsemanship is surpassed, ensure Hong Kong holds restful, safety and contest of successful Olympic Games horsemanship.
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