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Nanning two men are lazy go to 100 meters of road happening conflict and hold a
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On September 1 morning 7 when 25 minutes, area of dormitory of film studio of Guangxi of road of north of Nanning city friendly affection, two young men must from must not the side door of electric bicycle pass in and out is entered, have conflict with security personnel then and hurt its disclose.

The reporter sees in accident dot, the distance of side door and gate also many meters 100, below the iron gate that side door is in solder an iron baluster, allow pedestrian turnover only. The security personnel that is on duty here says, do so, because,be before electric bicycle often is lost in the village. The security department manages for safety, do not allow motor vehicle and electric bicycle to be passed from a few side door, want to unite a gate to handle the turnover that get a card. Because space of a few gates is not very far, the dweller of the village expresses to accept to this.

The security personnel that is hurt by disclose is many 40 years old, the surname is made, after having an accident by 120 send toward the Guangxi nation hospital around to treat. That day midday, he is sent toward ward via emergency call rescue, had felt at present a lot of, there just is oxygen to be in charge of in nose, conversation is a little hard. Make say, that day in the morning, two men that are not their village are riding electric bicycle extortionary enter from side door, he tells two people, go not far to be able to be entered from the gate forth, but two people listen far from. Finally, both sides removed issue, the one person in two men held iron rod to smash his head, another person is in with the penknife his abdominal disclose one knife.

The reporter understands, after two people do violence, the policeman arrives quickly, ensure public security one case with the village will among them a man is seized. The man that is gripped is person of sanded well of Changjiang Delta region, that individual of desert lives in water market to be taken, two average per capita are many years old 20, without course of study. Current, police is making further investigation to this case.


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