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Er of humble of suddenly benefit of king of fist of Olympic Games of celebrity a
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Olympic Games competition ground is great party of the athlete, also be the great party of celebrity at the same time. When each country head people after leaving, big wrist of bound of world gymnastic celebrity, movie and TV people thick as hail also. Maladuona, Don King, Huoerjinna... eve, on the VIP bleachers of boxing competition ground, also came two heavyweight characters, one is the Hollywood that already joined club of 20 million dollar star, depend on with the collaboration that become dragon " aiguille hour " the Kelisi Dake that one artillery piece has his moment; One is to come on the stage the old fist king that cost achieves 45 million dollar Huolifeierde. These two world-class big wrist, bring for worker gymnasium " aiguille hour " . The reporter bears agent of domestic famous boxing Mr Liu Gang invite, as big as two wrist in all sup, watch set-to together, undertook with world-class giant star 0 distances are contacted, witnessed them to pay close attention to the other one side besides in the public.
Within an inch of is overcome in hotel tower " mix the past "
17 when make, one pedestrian is in Beijing assemble of Asian big public house. In old hall crowd, this 7 people comprise " view and emulate is round " do not grab an eye especially, but each is not general. Eliminate tower gram and Laohuo, boxing king those currently holds the post ofheavyweight of the senior assistant to a high official of Clinton of the president before still having the United States, WBC especially agent Du Wa. Because suddenly benefit poors,Er heart and past photograph compare change not quite, cause the spot very quickly a disturbance, group photo of the requirement before tourist, staff member goes up in succession.
See old brothers is introduced to downstage, tower gram is covering aside the mouth is being stolen happy. Actually, if mention name, " aiguille hour " may want in domestic influence a few bigger, the vermicelli made from bean starch that the tower overcomes should be not little also. But white of his a suit is recreational sportswear, almost block crosses superciliary white hat, adscititious the figure of some grow stout and one face mustache, hardly the person can identify this is " aiguille hour " in with the partner that become dragon that red the Hollywood that alls over the whole world " gabby " giant star. Already was shaken by flashlight the Laohuo of presbyopia, do not want to make young man too light idle, come over tower carat, crying with curt Chinese: "Into dragon! Into dragon! " this issues people to react eventually, begin " chase after kill " tower gram. "Did not recognize really, but he is much fatter, dare not believe really. " a tourist that overcomes group photo with the tower says.   
In dining-room old Huo Gan drops 2 dishes of beef 3 bowls of meals
Because see the match must shift to an earlier date 1 hour to enter the arena, everybody comes to hall of first floor Chinese meal, after preparing fast battle quick decision, drive go to competition ground. Arrived dining-room, tower gram is pie-eyed -- without table, only a few boats are in water! "Too wonderful, I must eat well! I must eat well!!
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