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Nanjing home Le Fu surrounds a security personnel that denounce firewood to push
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Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the door supermarket of happy blessing of home of Nanjing big make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, many 20 Bao Jie that wears coverall is versed in Le Fuchao of home of big make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital city stems, the electric staircase that leads to a supermarket also was closed to stop by them, "We are labour of supermarket Bao Jie, the salary of 779 months, we also were not taken to now! We also were not taken to now!!

Just dialed quickly as a result of the supermarket after its happening 110, when the reporter arrives, surround get together to had been taken to go to a supermarket by the police in the labour protecting clean of supermarket doorway mediation of security personnel ministry, the order that sells an entrance part already returned to normal.

"At that time the person of supermarket doorway but much, 20 many people discharge a platoon, the entrance all round inclose, the mood is very excited. The mood is very excited..

Miss Zhang that shopping in the supermarket says, immediately of security personnel of many 10 supermarket after the accident arrives, with shopping Che Chaoren collide in the wall, think a masses break up that surrounds a gate. And a few surround the person that block up to did not know to get the key of staircase of supermarket entrance report from where, give electric staircase very quickly close stopped, for a short while, the order that supermarket entrance handles is confused very, very much shopping client sees state, dodge in succession.

Introduce according to surrounding the workers that block a supermarket up, they are originally the name is " look really " the employee of Bao Jie company, begin from September, "Look really " Bao Jie company is exited formally from the supermarket, another company that protect clean is taken over halt. The salary as a result of 779 months " look really " Bao Jie company did not grant to pay tardy, workers beg for many times all do not have a result, honest cannot, supermarket bargaining comes before this ability. "We work at ordinary times so painstaking, a monthly wages also 1000 multivariate, insurable clean company postpone again and again, have some of cannot be justified or explained away really! Have some of cannot be justified or explained away really!!

"Look really " controller of the company that protect clean says, the salary of the labour that protect clean tardy outstanding, company debt is caused, the company that protect clean is thinking method to solve all the time. See workers come round today, he thinks statistical number is recorded one by one originally, can not think of workers do not hear an explanation, one fell down to surround supermarket gate, still close stopped electric staircase. And chief of department of security personnel of supermarket of domestic happy blessing rejects to introduce any cases to the reporter.

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