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Old stuff carries cutting tool to steal the security personnel that chop an inju
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On August 22, a Sichuan book man pretends to be the manufacturer employee that the developing zone produces golf appliance, workshop of cutting tool interfuse is carried in next heights, more than yuan 30 thousand golf head mixes larcenous value mould, when leaving factory, this plant security personnel disclose is hurt, be seized by the policeman after. Say according to this man, because want to be imprisoned,he is intended be found out and brought to justice, police already sent the suspect to the hospital to make the identification of mental respect. At present further details of a case still is in cognizance.

On August 22, 2008 18 when make, guilty suspect Zhang Mou (male, 22 years old) taking mill plate to pretend to be a developing zone some company staff, this factory steals interfuse golf head 18, mould (total value RMB is made an appointment with 30 thousand more than 1000 yuan 5) . After be being ensured public security to discover by the company, zhang Mou is taken out from the body a Buddhist monk's knife browbeats and disclose injury security personnel attempts to escape, hind by the patrol of here of by way of member seize.

According to police introduction, when Zhang Mou carries spoil to leave factory at that time, be ensured public security to discover, then Zhang Mou takes out the cutting tool with a good precondition the abdomen disclose to security personnel one knife, make off at once subsequently. Because be worth the fastigium that come off work, in the road that a lot of workers are coming off work, partial worker sees shape sought factory door, the policeman that Zhang Mou does not escape to be patrolled to 100 meters distance is seized. "When the policeman catchs him at that time, he did not revolt, catch the process that after coming back, will commit the crime to be explained very clearly. " after Zhang Mou is seized, express, "I want to be imprisoned, intended be found out and brought to justice is caught me, because I do not believe security personnel can send me into the jail,security personnel of my disclose injury is. Because I do not believe security personnel can send me into the jail,security personnel of my disclose injury is..

As we have learned, zhang Mou is filled south native place Sichuan, it is this plant personnel formerly, return to one's native place of the abdication a year ago, returned Zhongshan recently. According to police introduction, this factory has stuff nearly 10 thousand people, produce golf things technically, the market value of the golf head of pilfer of Zhang Mou place is in every 1000 yuan of above. Because flaw appears on management, did not call in the old plant plate of abdication employee, there also is the limitation of time on mill plate, let Zhang Mou prevail easily so.


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