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The first ice-breaking Chinas security services will open up overseas security s
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China's first private security groups - Shandong Warwick Security Group established China's first overseas security service center was set up in Beijing soon. According to reports, this is the first ice-breaking security services, but also Chinese security services The first time in the business market, the first international expansion. It is understood that doing business with the Chinese people going abroad to do business invest in the growing industry, their personal safety overseas, property, security has become an important social issue. Overseas security market according to the new situation New security issues and overseas market demand, the introduction of Warwick heavy waste of money well-trained, loyal and reliable, retired martial arts special police, riot team, formed with the execution and action of Warwick security forces soldiers. Recent aim for the Chinese in the Chinese enterprise in Iraq to provide personal and property security services, hoping to start the Iraqi market, the layout of the entire Chinese security business in overseas markets. It is predicted that the market size of post-war reconstruction of Iraq up to nearly 6,000 billion, but international investors are still worried about the security situation in Iraq. Obama's withdrawal, racial discrimination, violence, suicide will continue to . Therefore, the protection of Chinese enterpri ses in the Iraq region personal safety, property safety is also duty security company. Warwick security Shandong Qufu, Shandong Group is a security company in the original based on the restructuring of China's first group, a large private security company specialized in the year Sept. 16 in Qufu in Shandong Province was established. "Using private security agencies to protect their nationals and the security of overseas business organizations, has become international practice." Shandong Warwick Security Group chief economist Professor Chen Zhanyun In an interview with People's Daily reporters Said.
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