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China Security Management Ordinance provides that the security right to refuse
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Dongguan is still present since the vast majority of entertainment security bills, and the threshold conditions for approval is very low. Premier Wen Jiabao recently signed a State Council Order No. 564, published "Security Services Management Ordinance" (hereinafter Ordinance). Ordinance, the entertainment companies should hire security from the security services, not their own recruitment. The Dongguan, a number of entertainment journalists interviewed yesterday found that all the entertainment reporters are self-employed security, most do not have licenses for employment security. Regulations, the security shall not assault, limit personal freedom of 7 kinds of acts, but also provides the security the right to refuse the boss's "hit" command, and companies are not for security does not perform the illegal dismissal of instruction Security. For this new requirement, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau official says that they will strictly follow the provisions of the state has adopted to manage and regulate the security industry.
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