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Security is speech refused to discuss overtime
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Ku to the newspaper reflect the community, he cuigang area when security is the area in October of this year's property management office after dismissal, to the company Finance for checkout procedures, after the liquidation of all wages, the company given its 2 months salary as compensation. Gary does not agree that companies should pay their own from January 2008 to work overtime all weekend so far. Coordination of the two sides failed many times. Ku told reporters that he started from the work, for many years not much rest time, and now want to return to the past few years is all the weekend overtime. Chui Kong residential property management at the Director Zhang said the residential security implemented on three shifts, 8 hours per day. 17 days annual leave, statutory holidays, overtime has overtime pay are added to the inside of each month. Ku 2 months now to pay compensation is to make him leave again after this period of time to find a job. If the Ku satisfied with the results, you can take the formal channels coordination. Reporter consulted on the issue of Hu Haiyun Jiang Sudan Li law firm lawyers. Hu lawyers said, the security post is rather special, three-shift system of work implemented under special working hours, this system does not irregular working overtime claim does not exist.
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