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Regulation of Gansu Province "cottage" security units to be self-employed sec
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December 1, the reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Department, not through professional training, without the qualification certificate of the "cottage" security team of security guards in the province in common. To completely change this situation, further strengthening the province's security services market supervision and management of security services to promote the healthy development of our province, the provincial Public Security Department next year, from now until the end of February, in the province within the context of security guards hired by their own units special rectification actions. In the future, hire their own security guards unit shall record management, all forms of illegal security organizations will also be banned. Remediation actions required, the unit recruit their own guards in the unit, patrol, guard, security checks and other security personnel working according to the "Security Services Management Regulations" and "public security organs to implement the security services regulations approach" provides fully integrated into the Members of the public security organs of the security regulation. Meanwhile, the entertainment security guards employed in the post will be fully integrated into the regulatory scope of the record, to be the security of the Organization of the National Qualification Examination for those who pass issued a "security guard card"; with standards, inform the employer shall be dismissed. Security services company in the other provinces set up branches in the province or territory to carry out security services must be submitted to the provincial public security authorities. Hire their own security guards, security guard units and places of entertainment for the record employment circumstances change, we must be filed within 15 days of registration of change.
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