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Closure of the hotel security attacked the manager called social concern
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December 11 afternoon, the reporter received a call witnesses, said the Beijing New Century Hotel security was slashed by unknown persons, journalists rushed to the scene, was injured workers have been sent to Jiangongyiyuan for surgery. New Century Hotel and Jiangongyiyuan have been to the police. New Century Hotel, general manager of Shu Dong-Hong told reporters, "The security has been chopped back, wound 7-8 cm long, 2 cm or so deep." Reporters on the scene to understand the situation, the security director of New Century Hotel Sun Yan Song briefed reporters after the incident: At 13:30 on the 11th so, New Century hotel staff on the ground floor of the garage patrol spotted urinating in the garage, side to go to stop. Half an hour later, another group of people armed with machetes broke into the garage, shot to hotel security, two security Kaiyuan hotel has been injured, one seriously injured, loss of blood; another employee injured finger has also been knifed. "Similar incidents have happened before, people involved but also for the same people, but the nature of worsening. Back in the hotel during the renovation, there is gang broke, smashed all the computer project department, but no staff were injured. This year 7 24 am, a group of armed thugs broke into the New Century Grand Hotel Beijing, will be dozens of employees out of the hotel. we have endured, but now lives of our employees have been threatened. I did not expect, capital city region also has this kind of thing happen. "Shu Dong-Hong told reporters," We want the police to these offenders to justice as soon as possible, we still believe that the law could also our fair. " Surprised that a reporter is a huge five-star hotel, only the security and general manager, door closed, no guests, and even power at all. Shu Dong-Hong told reporters, "New Century hotel opened in late 2008, but since 2009, because house prices have soared, developers hope to change the terms of the contract increased the price, contract dispute between the two parties. After the water and electricity the hotel is the developer, The two sides have been complaints of legal disputes, the hotel has closed down nearly two years. nearly a thousand workers unemployed laid-off or to another hotel, which is currently the case is pending. " In the scene, the reporter saw, Kaiyuan hotel were living in the underground garage security, security director of the bedding on the floor pointing to Sun Yan Song told reporters, "We have no recourse but to play in the ground floor here, and our self-defense of the equipment is fire extinguisher."
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