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Security personnel peeps code of customer check number embezzles capital charges
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When taking the advantage of a client to use silver-colored couplet to block settle accounts, the card bugle call that this client silver-colored couplet blocks below the con of security personnel silent of supermarket of river Dong Mou and password, the mobile phone that blocks a phone to fill value system to be oneself and friend through silver-colored couplet subsequently charges a cost. On August 16, this security personnel is seized by police.
On August 15 morning, ms. Huang that lives in Jiang Dong receives silver-colored couplet to block pair of Zhang sheet, discovery has two phones to fill a value to expend special odd, those two unfamiliar mobile phone number are not her apparently. These two charge happen in a hour after she goes to supermarket of river Dong Mou to shop. Ms. Huang is recollected, she shopped to supermarket of river Dong Mou that day, what use when settle accounts is silver-colored couplet card.
Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, jiang Dong is investigated toward this supermarket before police immediately. Fill the mobile phone number of the value according to going up to Zhang sheet, policeman discovery, the use person of this mobile phone is this supermarket Zhang Mou of a security personnel. On August 16 morning, zhang Mou by police subpoena, face the evidence that goes up to Zhang sheet, zhang Mou is explained, he peeped that day the card bugle call that Ms. Huang silver-colored couplet blocks and password. After coming off work midday, he blocks a phone to charge value system through silver-colored couplet, the silver-colored couplet that uses Ms. Huang gets stuck, the mobile phone that is oneself and friend charges a cost.

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