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After name brand is checked, minibus keep out pulls parking lot security personn
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Plate sticks not dry gum, after the minibus driver that is suspected of brand of keep out name is checked, parking lot security personnel says not dry glue is he is sticking those who play actively, the policeman asks again, security personnel confess: Minibus driver gives money to let him carry a blame on the head.
Yesterday morning, zhengzhou city is special policeman 5 groups develop shop sign of date of not pensile, keep out, alter in area under administration special processing acts.
10 when make, in east wind Lu Hewen turns road across opening, the plate before car of a Ford is not pensile, had sailed be barred fall by the policeman when crossing, driver yellow gentleman explains to the policeman from the plate before be being taken out inside the car, the plate when the car goes near Dong Minglu and mouth of across of red flag road was dropped, pick up plate just discovers rivet remains 1 only, cannot secure plate, have to, the card before he is not pensile went up road, preparation matchs a city to buy rivet to boreal annulus steam. After the policeman examines evidence of Mr Huang driver's license, drive a vehicle, undertake critical the discharged after education to its.
Subsequently, the policeman discovers one minibus in the parking lot before door of market of science and technology of east wind road, plate pleaseds after on ARF7 × × , the not dry glue of size of a piece of playing card was enclothed on alphabetical F, the policeman concludes this is brand of typical keep out name, never do glue to wear away degree looks, affix go having at least one week.
"Not dry glue is I a moment ago was affixed go. " the policeman is leaving when punishing sheet, one security personnel helps the parking lot the policeman does not let write punish sheet.
"Are you stuck? Go, answer a team with us in. " the policeman says. Security personnel corrects oneself immediately, saying is minibus driver gives money to let him lie, elude punishment.
Final, because minibus driver Mr Pan is suspected of brand of keep out name be in in order to fine 200 yuan, buckle 6 minutes, the policeman undertook critical education respectively to Mr Pan and security personnel.
Yesterday one morning, be in special policeman 5 groups area under administration, brand of name of not pensile, keep out, alter is special processing operation investigates illegal car 23 cases in all. Special long Zhang Anquan of 5 groups group says the policeman, this kind eludes the traffic of electronic police intentionally, have very big traffic safety hidden trouble. If lax severe is investigated, the likelihood is abet the negligence that its connect signal lamp to handing in and fluky psychology, disturbed and normal traffic order. ';

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