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Nanjing station security personnel is cruel hit lame old person to guard section
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Nanjing yesterday " evaporate " a day " sauna " , save major area to be able to have rainfall process originally today, among them boreal area has the Huaihe River to arrive greatly rainstorm, the river of the Huaihe River that includes Nanjing inside with south the area is given priority to with thundershower, local heavy rain. Rain of complete tomorrow province stops weather has turned, but this week Nanjing wants thoroughly cool come down, more dangerous still.
From yesterday before dawn begins, it is sealed that Nanjing city resembles in the big jug in a moisture, without a cool wind. Early morning at 5 o'clock, the relative humidity of Nanjing urban district is as high as 89% , and arrived at 6 o'clock in the morning when 8 o'clock, relative humidity is maintained all the time in 92% above, the 9 Chengdu in air are moisture, as if to be squeezed squeeze a water to come. Although also be to blow east wind, but wind-force is too small really, round-the-clock the greatest wind- driven gift reachs 2 level, such calm damp weather, let a person feel hold back do not pant to go up. As a result of lunt plentiful, yesterday early morning, river of the Huaihe River also appeared with many cities south light mist, the visibility of a few areas is not worth 1 kilometer. The staff member explanation of observatory says, because the day began in the evening once upon a time,this is, a few areas of Nanjing periphery appeared precipitation, rainfall is very small, and distributing not all, accumulate lunt ceaselessly so, caused frowsty wet mist weather.
Arrived in night yesterday today by day, get the influence of cyclone of river the Huaihe River, the major area of this province can appear the weather of thundershower. But slant as a result of cyclone position north, so this province is mixed between Jiang Huai rainfall of area of north of the Huaihe River is bigger, save originally among them even, area of old, the Huaihe River has arrive greatly rainstorm. Nanjing can have the strong convection weather such as the thunder gale of short time likewise. Predict to will save rain to stop completely tomorrow, the weather of North Jiangsu area is good fair, and the area austral the edge Jiangsu that includes Nanjing inside, still much afternoon " hot thunderstorm " .
Weather is too frowsty, many citizens hope this rain can alleviate today of Nanjing " sauna day " . But the staff member of observatory expresses, the hope is not quite big. After brief today thunderstorm, fuggy feeling can come again. Although eye comes round to look, the Nanjing inside this week won't appear the high temperature of 35 ℃ or above. But the citizen's day is uneasy still, fuggy feeling can be accompanied continuously on the weekend.

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