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Hit eye of blind security personnel to abscond was caught in January
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Diligent police station of the area just outside a city gate of prefectural public security bureau and gumshoe group hit out actively, will get online two escaped criminal that be at large are captured from Xinjiang bring to justice.
On June 25 18 when the left and right sides, civilian diligent Wang Mou of security personnel of county masses bazaar is beaten up to cause right eye blindness by the person such as Liu Mou. County immediately wind character rise from all directions, except the others outside Liu Mou 3 average per capita already escaped that day, policeman times feeling pressure. Prefectural bureau leader decides to establish case group instantly, undertake checking fine platoon greatly to experience case personnel, find out a suspect hidden ground nods the likelihood, still victim a justice. Be in eventually of bureau leader supervise operation personally, handle a case the policeman's hardships falls hard, bring to justice at will capturing two online escaped criminal from Xinjiang on July 28.
Current, this case is in farther cognizance.

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