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The man washs a foot to slip to die into city river be addicted to the citizen a
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Police in Xi'an town around the city Xi Yuan moat salvages a body yesterday afternoon, the person that drown is the male, 30 years old or so, go up personally and do not have certifiable the certificate of its identity.
Yesterday 15 when 15 minutes or so, police is south Xi Yuan of around the city paragraph a body that drown and dies is salvaged in moat, the dead is the male, 30 years old or so, wear brunet trousers of black of short sleeve shirt, did not wear a shoe, have on the mouth and have slight haemorrhage. 3 cool visitors are taken on the bank of moat the east, witnessed this to the man falls into water and be participated in salvage come to help. According to saying, the foot is washed on the bank that this man still is at that time in the west, about 14 when 30 minutes, this man slips suddenly in water, although after many effort but because too slippery and bank is heavy,be being returned finally is into water. Can swim without one person among the 3 people that witness, periphery does not have other personnel again, the mobile phone does not have report fitly again. When the security personnel ask for help to Xi Yuan of around the city, it is joking that security personnel thinks did not pay attention to too much, 3 people are forced to run to disembark the mobile phone that rents passerby was dialed 110. Receive the policeman after reporting a case to the security authorities to hurry to the spot quickly to be carried out salvage, 15 when 15 minutes or so, when police salvages this man, this man has died. To the identity of this man, police is in further investigation.
Moat bank is smooth, the frequency that is an accident sends a region, our newspaper reminds the broad citizen that enjoys the cool in moat edge to notice oneself is safe, prevent tragedy to happen again.

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