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When the thing person already apologized to security personnel
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Will happen on August 18 " owner " hit cause issue problem into the village, office of government of property of village of Roman zoology garden fills a director to say yesterday, this " when the thing person " already apologized to security personnel. In the meantime, this village already spread out a village to jockey in the round at present the problem is rectified, will strict to entering the personnel of the village executive human nature turns management.
Fill a director to say, understand via them, on August 18 morning, one new man takes a taxi to try to enter this village, be barred fall by security personnel, this man laid security personnel, cause conflict. After the event, office of village property government calls about personnel signed up for alarm, when the policeman hurries to the spot, had left when thing man. That day, when thing man retrace finds property management place, administrative office undertook patient help sb to get over his worries to him about personnel, express to be not a village not to allow car to enter, should fight each other however or the stranger that takes illicit home car to enter a village undertakes enquire and be registeringed administrative.
Fill a director to say, classics investigation, becoming thing man is the tenement that lives inside the village, security personnel does not know him. Be in in property management below channel of concerned personnel patience, realised the misgivings of own behavior when thing tenement, and already to when the thing security personnel apologizes, dispute be related gets be settlemented satisfactorily.
Fill a director to express, since 18 days, the village has begun to be rectified in the round jockey problem, former park already turned into the garage entirely in the car on village road surface, also unite park autocycle, electric car and bicycle. After rectifying, enter village problem in the light of foreign car, the village will continue to carry out human nature strictly to turn management, namely pregnant of troops make up of the old and weak or the owner that accompany goods can enter a village by the car directly, stranger needs go ahead of the rest to register into the village.

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