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Choice mine is used photograph note of product resembling appearance
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Be sure to keep in mind: Close legally above all compasses, satisfy function to need a principle next!
Attention: In the choice use mine is used when photographing product resembling appearance, the scope of application that should notice to plan to use a method to whether set in the product (in photograph those who resemble appearance to detect have in the report) , lest cause,break the law use! Use angle from electric equipment, a lot of functions are existence, but the range that should set by the product is used, lest break the law! The suitable scope of the product should be limitted with the content on product survey report to allow.
Integral function cent is 1) basic function function satisfies a regulation,
2) safety performance accords with national regulation.
Mine uses photograph measure of choice resembling appearance and the option issue that often appear:
1, the use method that understanding plans to may be used, do the necessary configuration that is clear that this systematic place needs, Especially wiring formEspecially wiring formUse the decision which kinds of camera).
2, when achieving performance of this system whole, want clench two respects of afore-mentioned whole function, lacking is to cannot accomplish legalization, cannot achieve integral performance more. To some units although realized electric equipment function of the system temporarily, ignore or did not make clear the meaning of Hunan function, or by the way that manufacturer misdirect adopted illegimate plan, violate the suitable scope that laboratory is passed and affirms, go maintaining a system in good condition, that will be in bring a trouble to oneself in the future, even drag in arrives legal responsibility!
3, The makes mistake easily place in the choice:
3. 1 photograph convention resembling appearance to have this installing model and lie between explode model, two kinds are to had been done not have on the colliery with bad distinction, tall with low difference, they are explosion proof function came true below the requirement that sets strictly in the country, both choice is reasonable! What does not choose the apprehension that go up, or by misdirect.
3. The 2 distinction that photographing the exterior character that resembles appearance basically is output form: Home of a few kinds of products has production, but must ask for detect transaction! Otherwise, the user is used illegally have nothing to do with manufacturer, want oneself to assume corresponding responsibility.
① is fiber-optic (smooth signal) output; Allow to use fiber-optic output only
Output of signal of ② video report; Allow to be outputted with coaxial cable only
③ is fiber-optic (smooth signal) of output and output of video telecommunication size exportable (double output) ; Allow smooth signal and electric signal to be outputted at the same time, choose to output.
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