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Old public transportation system will realize Yantai one cartoon takes 5 areas
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There all is the circuitry that cross a region to move between 5 areas, cross a region 45% what public transportation circuitry holds circuit sum total, next whole town are public transportation implementation citizen card one cartoon takes 5 areas... the reporter carries from city the canal is in know today, frame of old public transportation system forms the urban district basically already at present.

According to introducing, the compose of old public transportation system builds the our city to basically be emphasized in equitable distribution public transportation network, of the enlightened, line crossing a region that includes the line that cross a region and road of district interior lines join effectively,

In recent years the our city optimizes position of network of public transportation route, the key increased the strength with the enlightened circuitry that cross a region. In original many 10 cross a region on the foundation of public transportation circuitry, point of city carry tube added Zhi Fu area to reach 26 of the developing zone early or late again, 27, 28, 31 beatitude of Zhi Fu area is a mountainous area, 32, zhi Fu area reachs 50 Lai is a mountainous area, 51, 55, 56, 58, 59, the development comes 23 Lai is a mountainous area to wait, return pair of Zhi Fu areas at the same time to Mou Ping circuitry of area passenger transport was executed public transportation turn operation, trend of public transportation to 28 circuitry undertook optimizing adjustment. As we have learned, the urban district crosses division line to already had 25 at present, 45% what cross division line to hold circuit sum total, each interval all has the circuitry that cross a region to move, passageway of network of the route that cross a region is formed already basically.

As public transportation circuitry farther outspread and perfect, our city public transportation site distributings increasingly concentrated also. 2001, public transportation site is not worth the urban district 500, at present public transportation site had increased the urban district 810 many, cross density of division line site to increase apparently especially. Basis " Yantai city public traffic program " medium number principle, at present public transportation circuitry executes 5 areas uniform number, zhi Fu area - development route in order to " 2 " the two digit of nob, zhi Fu area - blessing is a mountainous area circuit in order to " 3 " the two digit of nob, public transportation line is service inside the developing zone with " 2 " the 3 digit of nob, convenient citizen identifies.

It is reported, at present our city citizen goes out travel is public transportation partake rate achieve 26% , the of 15% level that outclass saves completely; 10 thousand people have public transportation car to be 12.55 mark stage, the level of the 8.78 mark station that outclass visits completely; Change ratio is less than 0.3, excel country the standard of 0.5.
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