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Of course of study of Chinese security personnel live with development review
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Does state-owned security personnel serve industry in?
Jest -- , it is early 18 years ago, be in the city of foremost edge Shenzhen of reforming and opening, the first security personnel company of Chinese -- , security personnel of Shekou industrial district serves type of company solicit comments to hang out one's shingle. Thenceforth rises, security personnel course of study of China presents great progress state all the time. Already registered the number that register according to course of study of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry only, the whole nation shares company of many 1500 security personnel now, from personnel of course of study nearly 1 million people. Security personnel serves a project to already extended many domains, some security personnel companies still acquired ISO9002 international certificate of quality.

Nevertheless, personages of a lot of inside and outside of course of study still object to this, think at present Chinese security personnel serves to still cannot call even " industry " . Up to now we did not serve security personnel from " special protect a courtyard " go in narrow concept, had not regarded it as a kind of special service industry. And be in abroad, the antenna of security personnel course of study is extended already to the society each corners, arrive deep even in the daily life of civilian common people, in bringing into a kind of more complete law mechanism.

How is Chinese common people look upon security personnel serves?

In recent years, in many circumstances of countrywide each district, produce security personnel personnel time and again till right of person of citizen of wanton enroach on calls the person's deadly malign event, caused the intense dissatisfaction of masses. People is to this the most outstanding misgive: What does the legal limits of authority of security personnel personnel have after all? Did this group course of study already bring into active law management in?

This problem is carried not acerbly. From 1985 central politics and law appoint the conference puts forward formally " draw lessons from foreign experience, in big in the city establishs security personnel serves a company " ten years since, about the director the branch noticed really how the problem of line of business of service of standard management security personnel, it is the pace that this respect steps always lets a person feel slow only a few pat. During this, many basises that visit town actual condition of place, drafted a few local code in succession, a few more normative the item with masses strong report, but a lot of real problems that still cannot solve security personnel to serve course of study to exist from legislation. Fortunately 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out below, published eventually 2000 national " about security personnel service company standard administers a certain number of regulations " , be there was regulations of a department in legal adjusting control and normative respect. But, it still cannot be called " security personnel is legislative " , because it still contains rich policy sex color, whole appears very feeble, consequently the personage inside travel says " it cannot run much big thing " .
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