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How to prevent a project to want to accomplish 4 union
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How to prevent a project to want to accomplish 4 union - prevent project business to have important place in how preventing a trade, what everybody cares the square field surface that how prevents engineering design and construction. Professor Xu Tanlin of university of public security of people of electronic IT expert, China pursues information safety and the scientific research that how defend systematic respect and teaching job for a long time, communicate via often have science abroad and make an on-the-spot investigation, prevent project case to understand very to be being installed domestic and internationally.

A few circumstances that Xu talked about Professor Lin to introduce abroad how to be prevented above all and with home quite.

Of industrial developed country how to prevent equipment application extensive, domestic application is very general also. Mix with respect to single house villa even body alone door resident, each each take safety seriously quite, most family should install what perfect quite how to prevent facility. With respect to apartment type residence character, match stock how to defend a system likewise. Compare with photograph of industrial developed country, the residence of domestic town is in the majority with resident of high-level apartment type, the proportion that new-style village unites installation entrance guard how to prevent facility is large, but what install aerosol monitor inside the building is not much. Mix develop as industry, the fire that wiring and natural gas cause will become main urban killer. This cannot be ignored. Other dweller residence besides installing gate of guard against theft, have the safe consideration of other hardly.

How does abroad prevent systematic construction and insurance company to concern couplet, this and abroad attend the scale with safe belongings to be concerned greatly, how to prevent a system to want to be approbated via insurance company; And the comparison that domestic insurance company intervenes how prevent a project is little.

The design that how abroad prevents a project, construction, management prevents a company to be in charge of by commonly, foreign some countries even of the jail how to prevent a system to give how to defend company management. And how home defends project and management is departure. Of abroad a few how to prevent a company to use the way that pays fee to ask public security system to assume additional job. And 110 systems of our country often assume additional work to cannot collect fees, these jobs took up a large number of alarm force.

The west of dweller of a few countries how to prevent consciousness general stronger, their custom habit also has with our country very big different, for example most person has entrance guard prevent consciousness of follow at sb' heels, and person of our country great majority is trashy this kind of consciousness.

Consciousness of foreign market economy is stronger, how to prevent a project to be paid attention to quite practical, and consciousness of our country administration is stronger, re-examination closes light supervise daily. For example because a few administration stipulate ability is installed,how our country part prevents a project is, the regulation of a few standards is not quite reasonable also, get surely too too fine, specific, make the project did not individualize, machine-made, because this is caused a few how to prevent a project not quite practical.
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