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Explore the Olympic Games hands in tubal system mobile phone to locate two secon
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Beijing hands in tubal bureau policeman to attemper in direct Beijing of the observation before compositive system everywhere situation of road surface transportation. During Wang Jian of our newspaper reporter photographs an Olympic Games, beijing greeted a large number of domestic and international visitors. Because not be familiar with Beijing, when they face the traffic accident of arise suddenly, cannot say clear position commonly. Face such situation, the bureau that make a valve runs a system by right of traffic of Olympic Games intelligence, it is OK to need 2 seconds only the lock calls the police surely specific place of the person. The valve is made in Beijing inside the bureau, how is system of this traffic management run? Be how to manage the communication of Beijing heavy and complicated in perfect orderly? Recently, reporter seek by inquiry the traffic of intelligence of partial Olympic Games of the branch that make a valve runs a system.

The system that make a valve comes true " big compositive "

Before the Olympic Games kicks off, the branch that make a valve enabled direct to attemper compositive system. This is use the branch that make a valve integratedly to have all sorts of systems " big compositive " system, will 122 receive alarm control of signal of eye of stage, electron, traffic, revulsive show, full offer is the system such as traffic discharge " oneself with " .

The reporter notices on the computer screen that covers a system of this, of its monitoring is the road of whole town, through yellow " cloud shape pursues " will mirror each alarm affection heat. Basis " kind get together effect " , same an area as call the police or other state is more, "Cloud shape pursues " can become bigger, this explains the issue is more serious, need undertakes more quickly directing dredge.

Once meet sudden incident, director staff can be passed alarm the seasonable spot director such as car of communication of director of system of power fixed position, transportation, adjust in time alarm force is devoted.

Through the mobile phone fixed position calls the police person

On August 20 afternoon 2 when 51 minutes, city makes tubal inning 122 receive alarm the stage received Beijing to go up one case by the way the accident calls the police. But, the Kingdom of Wei that call the police surnames male driver to say not clear oneself position, but he must as soon as possible move leaves the scene, can produce bigger effect to traffic otherwise. Fortunately, 122 receive alarm the function of mobile phone fixed position that systematic place has is inside 2 seconds, near large building of the force in deciding him to be in with respect to the lock. The reporter sees, the lock decides the map of his position to go up, not only show the mobile phone number that has him, still will call the police time arrives accurately second.

In 122 receive alarm area, every are received alarm two computer are before the policeman, one is used at the record to receive alarm information, what another computer shows is a map. Calling the police while person phone puts through, the system is met call the police hair of mobile phone date gives telegraphic operation trader, and the longitude and latitude that operation business can lock up calm mobile phone to be in inside 2 seconds, intercurrent remand receive alarm on the map before the policeman.
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