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Bank security personnel chases after a thief to meet with cruel dozen
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Steal a car to be discovered, hold knock of ministry of face of head of security personnel of bank of adjustable rod government, send fracture of security personnel nose bone, cerebral concussion. Yesterday, feng Ze police declares fontal state " 7 · 27 " malign rob case uncover, 4 suspects are seized early or late and already punishment arrest.
Chase a thief
Bank security personnel is hit to fall down
On July 27 morning, brilliant of beautiful market of coin of fontal city urban district before international edifice first floor enrols merchant bank door, happen one case malign rob case.
That day morning 8 when, park of 4 men theft is in a bank an autocycle of the doorway, it is after lock of lock of guard against theft of 4 person clipping, twist off handlebar, this security personnel of 29 years old makes Qing Quan see and be chased from the duty room, but be surrounded by 4 person and run department of face of head of adjustable rod stroke.
Xu Qingquan is sent first aid of courtyard of fontal city traditional Chinese medical science, via checking fracture of its bazoo bone, the head is attacked much place fission, companion cerebral concussion.
Details of a case appears in the newspaper quickly, cause members of standing committee of fontal state municipal Party committee, politics and law appoint the height of Zhang Dongming of director of secretary, public security takes seriously. He makes instructions to lead the group of case of reinforce of investigation branch policeman such as punishment detect detachment by deputy director general of city bureau Liu Xinqun at once,
Capture fierce
Lock of road surface monitoring decides stay dot
Police officer Su introduces military unit corresponding to a company of urban district of detect of punishment of the member that case is comprised, abundant lustre yesterday afternoon, after the accident, 4 suspects separately flee in disorder,
He introduces, although the spot is at the door the bank, but although can see accident scene,tone takes bank monitoring, wearing autocycle helmet as a result of suspicion average per capita however, cannot identify its appearance, visit the masses that witness, also get valuable clue hard.
Case group enlarges search limits, beautiful to the spring market reachs around artery all monitoring undertake moving reading, discover route of 4 suspects escape finally, nod its stay the lock to decide in the community before Feng Ze courtyard some rents a house. Subsequently plainclothes public security personnel 24 hours of expect dog, on August 10 afternoon when 1 , high speed of sea is in Shenyang blessing collects fees on the west the station seizes Luo Mou virtuous wait for 3 person, seize last suspect Tan Mou again that evening army.
Via examining, luo Mou virtuous wait for 4 average per capita to attach most importance to Qing Shizhu's person, 4 person is explained steal a car to disclose, to the fact that security personnel do violence retaliates. 4 people still are explained since this year May, hold adjustable rod to be in the urban district the place such as fontal beautiful market, Feng Zejie and holy lake village, steal electric car, autocycle many cases 30. 4 person subsequently by rob punishment arrest in order to be suspected of.
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