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Female security personnel stands army appearance throws fracture
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Before two months, graceful of Zhao Qian of the female member that how to prevent, attended You Shuxiang in in the military training that annulus property organizes, it is in the process of station army appearance perpendicular trip, mandible throws fracture, on the body many place get hurt. And as with labour square in annulus property runs a company, did not declare inductrial injury for its already, also do not make corresponding later period compensate pay. Yesterday, graceful of Zhao alizarin red appeals to our newspaper.
Military training, female security personnel falls
Graceful of Zhao alizarin red is medium the employee of a try out of company of annulus property management, in this company " in book Hunan " be versed in administrative office is engaged in big Dong Yuan how defending the work, both sides did not sign labor contract. On June 19 morning, burning sun high above in the sky. Graceful puts forward the Zhao Qian that catchs a cold a bit, can not attend military training. Can be in in below the requirement of annulus property, she or station received the military training rank of 14 people.
After standing a few minutes continuously, graceful of Zhao alizarin red is abrupt syncope trip, senseless. How to prevent a team to take urgent cure step instantly, send its toward cure of center of emergency treatment of Kai heart hospital for a short while.
Yesterday, mother of graceful of Zhao alizarin red recalls the case at that time, still very sad. She says: "The hospital is diagnosed contuse for facial parenchyma, nie mandible joint contuses, the tooth is broken off crack, mandible fracture. The tooth is broken off crack, mandible fracture..
Lawyer: Military training accident gets hurt, accord with inductrial injury category
On July 24, graceful of Zhao alizarin red leaves hospital. During be in hospital, company early or late pay for sb and expect to be repaid later 11526.26 yuan medical treatment charge.
After leaving hospital, graceful of Zhao alizarin red cannot chew a meal, cannot talk aloud, the tooth becomes loose, she asks the company makes inductrial injury declare to labor department, refuse. The later period that this company also does not wish to compensate for her treats the relevant cost such as cost.
Yesterday morning, in annulus property " in book Hunan " be versed in big Dong Yuan manages controller of surname is in moustache, offerred a lid to have the relevant stuff of firm stamp to the reporter, this material confirmed graceful of Zhao alizarin red attends military training accident to throw be related. Divide outside producing a document, this controller rejects to answer any questions. He says only, graceful of Zhao alizarin red can seek company dimension power through legal approach.
To this material, graceful of Zhao alizarin red says: "They let me sign on book of this processing opinion, do not agree to send salary otherwise. Because I am right processing opinion is malcontent, reject to sign, so salary has not been gotten up to now. So salary has not been gotten up to now..
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