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Supermarket Jing shows great robber attentive security personnel discovers flaw
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Late on May 5, 2008, civil all the way a large supermarket is same as usual, put up the shutters, light-off, close. Abrupt, from store a black shadow appeared at the back of content ark. The door that opens bullion jewelry shop covertly...
This thief calls a pony, this year 21 years old, jiangsu person, just was sentenced by west lake court this morning 3 years of set term of imprisonments of 6 months, the thing that arrives secretly returned sth to its origin owner, still was punished 3000 yuan of money. The course be catchinged that speaks of him nevertheless still has bit of meaning really.
Much at 6 o'clock in the morning on May 6, the security personnel small king of the supermarket is inside the supermarket field of make one's rounds, abrupt, he discovered two bag inside the toilet of first floor, of bosomy strike. Seemed to did not discover these two bag yesterday? Have eccentric?
He call at the same time instantly the Xiaosu of another security personnel of the class. Two people open bag
Look, have the clothes, the content such as shoe, it is new, unlike is the rubbish that somebody throws. Occupational is sensitive make they realize the likelihood came thief. Then, two people one aggregate, hide in the inn on the toilet to waiting, look can somebody will take a thing.
After about more than 10 minutes, the youth that has a blanket roll went, do not pass and did not take these two bags of things, go to the cake inn inside the supermarket however. Can you be him? Xiaowang and Xiaosu followed to go up subsequently.
"Where do you come? " " the counterjumper that I am this cake inn. " pony bearing is calm and at ease. Be to get a person wrong? Xiaowang and Xiaosu are half believing and half doubting. Then, xiaowang ran to cake inn to make a partner, "Do you admit not to know this individual? He says is the counterjumper in your inn. " " my job is so long, had never seen him. " a word of counterjumper the pony complete debunk.
Looking is this person, xiaowang and small Su Ma appeared in the newspaper alarm.
Before the policeman, the pony explained the process that he steals. Much at 10 o'clock in the evening on May 5, he came to a supermarket, hiding after the ark that put a package all the time, when after the supermarket closes, he just comes out to begin to steal a thing. Stole a knapsack first, come to clothing store again, carried a pair of a the T-shirt, jeans, shoes to put on. Stole gold, platinum act the role ofing to taste again subsequently wait for content. The bag is replete, he plans to go out, the result discovers supermarket door lock. Then, pony " brainwave easily " , why waiting in the toilet, wait for day break it is good that the door opened mix go out.
The following day much at 6 o'clock in the morning when, the pony hears supermarket door left, he goes to look whether go out, result person is too little, he still dare not go out, return a toilet again then inside. But think, in case the bearer in the inn that is stolen by him, discover the thing was stolen, is he more run not know clearly? Then, the pony plans venture. Eventually, the pony sees cake inn bearer, go by to want to pretend to be cake inn counterjumper, the result was given to block by security personnel.
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