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A person of extraordinary powers of Home Chen Shuibian ensures public security c
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After cash proposal is being washed to erupt outside Chen Shuibian island, many indignant peoples arrive flat living building choke sound, police also expedites civilian clothes police. Nevertheless, the police complains under the counter however, it is to protect obviously, on the footpath that the building conserves to forbid constabulary station forwardly however, act against one's will under, the police is forced the footpath on building of fall back on.
Company report is criticized in occupying, be come to by the clique the civilian clothes police of the spot discloses under the counter, they stand on the footpath of building ahead originally, the security personnel of the building appears personally later, requirement police leaves, "We are will protect " , although the police indicates the capacity, emphasize the task is in personally, "Will protect can stand across " , security personnel staff is quite strong.
Dread of civilian clothes police at this it is Chen Shuibian conserves domiciliarily, do not be willing to cause issue deliberately complicate an issue, be forced on the footpath on building of fall back on.  
Strong security personnel, do not put even the police in the eye, the reporter that prep let alone interviews in the spot. It is in the footpath of building ahead arsis is photographed obviously, building security personnel sees a reporter, stretch his hand instantly drive, a bit disregards media is interview in communal space.

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