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Collective of changeless village many security personnel protests the pay when l
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"The Hong Kong image that is located in Chinese mouth ancient Tian Silu (first phase) inside the village, collective of many security personnel sits in village doorway, protest random of property management department lengthens working hours, do not raise salary wage however. Do not raise salary wage however..
Yesterday midday, this drive to the village after the reporter receives a newspaper to expect, see village doorway is only a security personnel, he says he is not to going to work, waiting for relevant controller to solve a problem however.
The reporter comes to security personnel dormitory subsequently, many security personnel introduces, their every monthly wages just 460 yuan, increase all sorts of allowance every months 800 yuan (probation every months 700 yuan) . Work everyday before execute " 3 fall " , working hours 8 hours. Rise yesterday, because of the part security personnel leaves his post, former 30 security personnel leave 20 people only, village property management department -- harbor couplet property (Wuhan) decision of department of project of image of company Hong Kong is executed to security personnel " fall two classes " , want the class that attends 12 hours everyday, but salary is unaltered. This decision arouses everybody's protest.
Many security personnel still says, no matter be on the weekend,still be in the evening, they never had taken what subsidy; Arrive from last year this year, drop in temperature without what take money cost, but audit accounts, show they enjoyed this welfare however on payroll. They think property branch violated labor law.
A Xu of ministry of project of image of Hong Kong of harbor couplet property surnames responsible person, just begin to execute yesterday " two fall " decision, did not think of security personnel has so big opinion, she persuades security personnel quickly to answer a dormitory, give ranking company case report, ranking company already decided to raise salary wage accordingly by working hours. As to drop in temperature cost, ms. Xu says: "Ranking company was sent really, but money is not to send everyone in the hand, unite arrangement by project ministry however. Unite arrangement by project ministry however..

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