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Practise deception steals thief of wool of supermarket pass the night greatly se
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Hangzhou spent one night in content beautiful supermarket, be like like entering an place without anyone, poach of necklace of gold, platinum extremely, do not let off even the T-shirt, jeans, shoe. The following day early in the morning, think when him two bags big when be put in the toilet " booty " when city of carry favorable balance of trade, was stared at to go up by sensitive supermarket security personnel. Yesterday, ma Jun is in thief of 21 years old be on trial be on trial of court of people of division of Hangzhou city west lake. The court sentenced his set term of imprisonment 3 years with larceny 6 months, punish gold 3000 yuan.
On May 6 before dawn at 6 o'clock, hangzhou article all the way one security personnel is in content beautiful supermarket field of the make one's rounds inside the supermarket, discovery has two bags in first floor toilet, bulging, call up another to ensure public security when the class. Two people open a pocket to look, there is the goods such as brand-new jeans, dress, gym shoes inside, unlike is the rubbish with refuse somebody. Can you be the stolen goods that thief keeps? Two people hide opposite the toilet to wait, look to whether be met somebody will take.
As expected, passed many minutes 10, the youth of a knapsack walks over, but did not take these two packets of things, go to the cake inn of the supermarket however. Before going up, security personnel asks, the boy claims cake counterjumper is versed in, but the counterjumper of cake inn does not know him. Security personnel calls the police immediately.
This person is Ma Jun, 21 years old, jiangsu person. Evening is much at 10 o'clock on May 5, he enters a supermarket, hide at the back of the ark that put a package all the time. After waiting for a supermarket to close, he goes, greatly square square ground begins to steal a thing.
Ma Jun steals a thing very systimatic, stole a knapsack first, come to store of a clothing next, carried a pair of an a T-shirt, jeans, shoes to put on, lever jewelry shop then, take away the content such as necklace of gold, platinum. In his theft process, although warning apparatus rings, but security personnel is entered when examining, did not discover unusual situation.
The bag is replete, ma Jun plans to go out, but the supermarket still is closing the door, he thinks, final decision runs in the toilet to staying, go out to day break hind. The result is ensured public security to block before cake inn.
In police station, ma Jun still hid two gold necklace to be in shoe, until when the detention house installs check, golden necklace just is discovered. "I think, hand in two less to may be sentenced less a few years " . But his wishful thinking hits a fault. Classics appraisal, ma Jun steals article to amount to 34160 yuan.

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